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Follow the fight against CHM with two personal stories!

Spark Therapeutics, an American gene therapy company, announced late last year that it will begin human trials for gene therapy treatment of choroideremia in early 2015.

Two candidates of the trial, Curt Trowhill and Brett Sims, have started blogs which they will be updating throughout the process of the trial.

Curt’s blog can be found here.

Brett’s blog can be found here.

The blogs offer first-hand accounts of living with CHM and their participation in an amazing step forward in the fight to end choroideremia!

More information on Spark Therapeutics can be found here.

February 16th, 2015


“Pie in the Eye for CHM” Challenge hits Facebook!

A very special thanks from the CRFC to Stephanie Raymond-Carrier for starting a new Facebook charity drive in support of choroideremia research!

Stephanie lives in Quebec and has a husband and daughter affected by choroideremia. Please check out their “Pie in the Eye for CHM” challenge video, and if you like it, share on facebook and donate by clicking on the button on the right-hand side of this page!

You must be logged into Facebook to see the video.  You can also see the video by clicking here


For an update on the upcoming Canadian human trials at the University of Alberta, click here

The first  Canadian gene therapy trial for an eye disease will begin in Edmonton later this year. It is a potential treatment for men with choroideremia. The research team at the University of Alberta, led by Dr. Ian MacDonald, has just launched a  website, where you can learn more about this trial and the team’s progress. Choroideremia Research Foundation Canada  is proud to support this ground-breaking clinical trial.

Watch this short film about CHM and the clinical trials about to start at the University of Alberta. The film highlights the challenges faced by CHMers, their families, carriers of the disease and the clinicians who care for those living with choroideremia. It sends a message of hope!